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Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, national data protection laws of the various Member States, and other privacy regulations, the responsible entity (“Controller”) is:

Universität Hamburg represented by the president
Mittelweg 177
20148 Hamburg
Universität Hamburg is a corporation under German public law, represented by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hauke Heekeren, president of Universität Hamburg, Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg.

Universität Hamburg Data Protection Officer contact details:

Data Protection Officer Universität Hamburg
Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg

A. Data processing

1. Accessing this website and creation of log files

information are collected every time this website is accessed or used. These data and information are stored in log files on the server and can include: The temporary storage of data and log files is lawful pursuant to Article 6 (1) lit. f General Data Protection Regulation (Datenschutz-Grundverordnung—DSGVO)

The IP address is temporarily stored in the system as it is necessary to provide website access to the User’s computer. The IP address is retained while that website is being accessed.

These log files are stored to ensure website functionality, optimize the content of our website, and ensure the security of our IT system.

The data will be deleted when they are no longer needed for the purpose they were collected. For data collected to provide access to the website, this will be at the end of every session.

For log files, this will occur after 28 days at the latest. Some data may be preserved for a longer period of time, in which case user IP addresses are deleted or anonymized, rendering it impossible to link the data to any individual.

2. Newsletter

Not applicable.

3. Registration

Not applicable.

4. Mail forms

Not applicable.

5. Email contact

You can contact the editorial board using the email addresses provided. In this case, the personal data provided in the email will be stored. This information will not be passed on to third parties, with the exception of 5.1 below.

This processing is lawful pursuant to Article 6 paragraph 1 lit. e GDPR in conjunction with Section 4 Hamburg data protection and privacy act (Hamburgisches Datenschutzgesetz, HmbDSG), where the processing of the personal data provided by you to process your inquiry is required to discharge our duties. Communication of additional information by you is voluntary, based on your consent pursuant to Article 6 paragraph 1 lit. a GDPR.

These data are only stored for the purposes of processing that communication and for the purposes stated in that communication.

5.1 Submission of Benchmark Problems by Email

When submitting a new problem for the inclusion into the collection, your contact data can be passed on to reviewers for the respective submission. After acceptance, your name will be published together with the benchmark to recognize the contributor.

6. Comment function

Not applicable.

B. Web analysis

1. Matomo

Is deactivated on this site

2. etracker

etracker is deactivated on this site

3. Cookies

not applicable.

C. Data transfer to third parties

In case you submit a new problem to the benchmark collection, the document may be forwarded to, anonymous, referees and members of the editorial board. In this process, all personal information included by you into the submitted document will be forwarded.

D. Your rights

You have the following rights:

E. Withdrawal of consent / objection to processing

The relevant declaration of consent indicates who you must contact to withdraw your consent.

F. Rights as a data subject

You may exercise your rights as a data subject, such as obtaining information on data being stored, by contacting datenschutz@uni-hamburg.de