Welcome to the OPTPDE Problem Collection

We have added Matlab files containing the function descriptions of the problems to allow easier access to the described functions.

Aim & Scope:
This collection of problems is designed to provide scientists working on optimization problems with PDE constraints a common reference framework of prototypical problems. The problems in this collection are hence selected to show various kinds of features and difficulties that have been of interest in recent years. We hope that this will allow researchers working on such problems to compare their numerical results in a scientific manner with previous results without the need to search through the intense amount of literature available, and without the need of inventing new test problems that may only slightly differ from those provided by the existing literature. For complex problems with unknown solution we will also collect numerical results to provide reference values for those working on similar problems.

If you have a new problem to be considered for inclusion in this collection, please send a descriptive LaTeX-File or reference to an accepted publication in a peer-reviewed journal, together with a short statement concerning the reason for including the problem into this collection to the editors via the e-mail: editors (at) optpde.net.

The submitted problem will be subject to a review process. Successful problems need to contribute to this collection by at least one significant problem feature not yet available in the collection.

Furthermore, for complex problems included in the benchmark collection, additional numerical reference values can be included as well.

Please prepare new problems to be included into the collection using our template.

Editorial Board:

HOWTO cite
If you consider using some of the examples in this collection, we ask that you give proper reference to both the authors of the example as well as to the OPTPDE Problem Collection. For each example bibliography data can be downloaded at the bottom of the main information page. For the OPTPDE collection you can get the bibliography data here (please reference both entries).